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Let Your Child Be The Star as they journey through Nursery Rhyme Town with our Fun Characters! 
What Can You Expect from this "The Day Humpty Dumpty Fell Down"?

Ideal for parties, the school run, a special day out or a family vacation. Nursery Rhyme stories are the perfect sing-a-long for the whole family to enjoy! Children love the interactive fun and enjoy the sound of our Characteristic voices. Your child's name is featured 26 times throughout their very own story Click here to read customer feedback >

Includes nursery rhymes with narration in between, let your child be the star as they are guided through nursery rhyme town with our fun characters! running time 47 mins


1. Jack and Jill

2. 1, 2, 3, 4 5

3. Little Bo Peep

4. Where Oh Where Has My Doggy Gone

5. Hot Cross Buns

6. Goosey, Goosey Gander

7. Ring O Ring O Rosie

8. London Bridge is Falling Down

9. Alice The Camel


10. Head and Shoulders

11. Do Your Ears Hang Low

12. B I N G O

13. Hey Diddle Diddle

14. Ten Green Bottles

15. Humpty Dumpty

16. The Grand Old Duke Of York

17. The North Wind and Snow

18. Hush Little Baby